Alaskan Brewing Company

Material: Paper
Size: 4 inch x 4 inch
Thickness: 1.41 mm

Text on Coaster:

Rough Draft

Alaskan Rough Draft Export Series
A Showcase of Alaskan's
Best Small Batch Brews

Alaskan Brewing has a unique research and development process where anyone in the company can work with a brewer to develop and brew a recipe on the 1-barrel pilot brew system with free reign to wander far from traditional styles, ingredients and processes.

For years, the favorites of the these experimental recipes have been shared only in very limited draft releases with those lucky enough to live and imbibe in our home state of Alaska. But now, Alaskan Brewing is "exporting" a selection of the best of these brews to taps outside of Alaska through the draft-only Rough Draft Export Series.

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"I think the thing is to start small don't start big and fall on your face."

Geoff L. Larson
Alaskan Brewing Company