49th State Brewing Company

Found: 2019(1)
Size: 4 inch x 4 inch
Thickness: 6.13 mm

Text on Coaster:

49th State Brewing Company, Alaska

"49th State Brewing and Alaska Salt Co. joined forces to create these delicious beer flavored salts."

"Pinch and sprinkle them over your food to make it taste better. Probably drink a brew from 49th, too."

"Let us know what you use your beer slats on by adding a photo on Instagram with hashtag:"


Alaska Salt Co.
4025 Homer Spit Rd.
Homer, AK 99603

Alaskan Sea Salt, Beer (Smoked
Marzen, Spruce Force, Solstice
IPA), Spruce Tips, Citrus zest.


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