Alaska Beer Coasters

There are thousands of beer coasters worldwide, so I narrowed my focus to where I live - the great state of Alaska! Visiting breweries, cideries, wineries, and bars in Alaska make it easy to ask for beer coasters and sample beer.

Collecting beer coasters is a hobby, but taking pictures and researching breweries can feel like a job.

Alaska Beer Coasters website, social media sites, and the content posted are completely managed and created by myself. I'm not sponsored or paid by any business or brewery.

Alaska Beer Coasters are an art form that preserves not only the brewing history, but also the history of Alaska. I hope you enjoy the collection.

Questions & Answers

Q: What do you call them? Drink coasters, beer coasters, or beer mats?

A: It depends on your region/country and the purpose of the coaster. A drink coaster could be used for hot and cold drinks; the drink coaster theme and material could be made of almost anything. The term 'beer coasters' and 'beer mats' are used interchangeably, so depending on your region/country you may know them as one or the other. Beer coasters will typically display a brand of alcoholic beverage. Beer coasters are normally made of paper, cardboard, or pulp. Checkout these Google Trends charts to see if one of these three terms are popular in your country.

Q: Why are you collecting 'Alaska' beer coasters?

A: I live and work in Alaska, so naturally I chose to collect Alaska beer coasters. Combining brewery history with their beer coaster(s) should make for a great resource. Visit Alaska Beer Coasters on Instagram to see Instagram Stories of beers, stickers, and quotes.

Q: Will you trade coasters with me?

A: Yes! The beer coaster(s) must be from an Alaskan brewery, winery, distillery, bar, etc.

Q: Can you recommend other websites for collecting beer coasters?

A: Yes! Visit and browse their breweriana collection.