Picture of Alaskan Brewing Company Amber Beer Green Coaster

Alaskan Brewing Company

Material: Paper
Size: 3.5 inch x 3.5 inch
Thickness: 0.98 mm

Text on Coaster:

A Taste Of Alaska
Amber Beer

opened in Alaska's capital city of Juneau in 1986.
Year round production of
Alaskan Amber Beer and
Alaskan Pale Ale is complimented by a variety of
specially brewed, limited run,
Alaskan Seasonals.
Freshly hand crafting the finest in all natural beers
from Juneau's pure, glacier fed waters has earned
Alaskan Brewing numerous awards for quality:"

6 Gold Medals & 4 Silver Medals
Great American Beer Festival 1987-1992
Gold: Alt-'87,'88,'90; Rauchbier-'91,'92; Amber Ale-'91
Silver: Porter-'89; Rauchbier-'90; Amber Ale-'89,'90

4 Gold Medals
Chef's In America 1990-1993

2 Gold Medals & 2 "Best Of Shows"
Chicago Beer Society's International Tasting 1990-1991

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"I think the thing is to start small don't start big and fall on your face."

Geoff L. Larson
Alaskan Brewing Company